Our Mission

“Putting our customers first we will continue to grow our business based on the values of good customer care, service excellence, openness with all our partners and stake-holders and limitless opportunities for our customers, staff, suppliers and the wider community of which we are a part.”


We are guided by the following five key principles:

  • COMMUNICATION. Poor communication is bad business, we strive for the opposite
  • CARING. Customers, colleagues and the wider community deserve nothing less
  • TRANSPARENCY. Keeping customers, partners, stake-holders and colleagues in the know
  • OPPORTUNITY. There are no bars to progress and talent
  • LOYALTY. A commitment to our customers, suppliers, stake-holders and each other

Guided by the principles embedded in our business since 1989 we support a wide range of Print Managed Document Solutions tailor-made for modern commercial, educational and charity needs. Our reputation is built on the twin foundations to our business; the service clients who trust us to support them and the various ABS teams who support you in the following areas:


Account Management

With a wealth of experience and technical know-how this team is your gateway to our products, services and solutions.

Training & Logistics

Delivering and installing our products, getting spares, parts, toners and modification kits to you and your technician quickly.

Service Reception

A vastly experienced team manages your requests for support then channels that to get the right technician, toner or product to you.


These highly trained and skilled technical and network specialists support the installation and maintenance of your solution.



For more information you can download our company profile by clicking here

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