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Marshall Construction Group is a commercial development and construction company based in Elland, West Yorkshire. Their work includes major urban regeneration schemes, fit-outs and refurbishments.
The company employs 187 people, who between them previously worked across 39 different devices, printing out close to 17,000 colour copies a month, costing more than £2,500.

The Challenge

Marshall appointed ABS to examine their current printing systems and boost overall print efficiency. The ultimate goal was to reduce print expenditure through-out the business and to reduce the amount of time taken to order consumables for over 30 printers scattered across their site in Elland.

How ABS UK helped?

ABS recommended and oversaw the implementation of 19 DEVELOP printing devices across the Group, including maintenance structures, which has helped Marshall significantly slash ink, toner and repair costs at its head office previously estimated at £50,000 a year.

The systems put in place by ABS ensure that 80% of all output is now printed in black and white, with 150,000 email print-outs automatically converted from colour, and 5,000 duplicate print-outs denied, saving significantly on waste. Overall, an estimated 50% of print costs have been slashed.

Since introducing a managed print solution the company has adapted well and have modified their behaviour to think before they print thus saving money and reducing the environmental impact of printing. This has resulted in savings close to £13,000 in less than six months following print management recommendations made by ABS.


Moving to a print-managed solution service has not only helped us financially, but has also brought time and user-friendly benefits.

All of our devices now come from the same supplier, which helps alleviate redundant inks and toners when a machine breaks down. The ordering of toners is done automatically by ABS UK, so there is no need for different parts of the group to order their own inks and toners. The same applies if a machine is faulty.

We took a great deal of time to assess the market before making a decision and we very much hope our partnership with ABS continues.
Andrew Baker, I.T group co-ordinator / architect at Marshall Construction Group

We are delighted to have helped Marshall save 50% on their printing costs, and to be able to continue our support of local firms with our expert print consultancy.

Many businesses don’t realise how much printing and the maintenance of their printing systems can cost them and often overlook the costs involved. But as our recent work with Marshall shows, it can amount to a considerable sum over time, which can be better spent elsewhere in the business.
Brett Abson, sales director at ABS UK

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