Representatives from ABS UK and the ABS Foundation, will be speaking at Leeds Business Week on Wednesday 11th October regarding the return on investment potential of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Who we are

The charity arm of ABS UK, one of the North’s premier managed print specialist with its HQ in Elland, was set up in 2013 to manage funds provided by Group companies, staff events and partner donations.

This charity arm, the ABS Foundation, provides grants to appropriately researched projects in both the UK and abroad, whilst continuously identifying volunteering opportunities for ABS staff.

What we have achieved

The Foundation have a number of on-going projects supporting the less fortunate worldwide with donations of well over £20,000. The on-going support of the Foundation results from individual £20 donations from ABS UK to the Foundation following each new purchase or hire agreement as well as one-off for specific projects.

The CSR activities of ABS UK and the charity arm have been recognised both locally and nationally. The highlight came when ABS UK were recognised by as one of the top 30 most philanthropic companies in the U.K.

And our CSR commitment has paid off. Today ABS UK has seen previously unimaginable client growth, industry-leading client retention, a 45% service revenue increase in less than 4 years and marked advances in team morale. CSR is decidedly good for business.

The importance of CSR

– CSR is a key to good business as it demonstrates to clients, partners, stakeholders, shareholders and the media that social and environmental issues are at the top of the business’s agendas. We hear the following often, “If you’re that committed to the community we have to assume you will be equally committed to us as your client.”

– CSR can and should impact on buying decisions as good business is no longer just about the products or services but whether a business demonstrates the “whole package”. CSR forms part of this 21st Century package.

– CSR, presented correctly, boosts staff morale and gives a sense of purpose and pride by being involved in something bigger, something more than stakeholder margins. By involving employees as CSR partners, they have the chance to contribute to something they can feel passionate about and that benefits the business by impacting on retention, commitment and enthusiasm as well as warming customers and suppliers to your cause. The end result? Growth.

Want to find out more?

Join ABS UK on Wednesday 11th October at 10.00AM at Leeds Business Week. Register for thi seminar and many more by clicking here.

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