Leeds Business Week Digital Marketing Assistant at ABS, Kat Smith, talks about our time at Leeds Business Week where we celebrated, promoted and shouted about all things Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Let us talk to you about how we did it!

Our Seminar!

ABS UK went to Leeds Business Week 2017 and it wasn’t just for show, we had to get down to business. Our CSR Director, David Lees, gave a seminar on the importance of CSR and how to see a return on a CSR investment.

One of the important factors highlighted in this talk was how crucial collaboration with charities, your staff, and business objectives are to a successful CSR strategy.

Other key points include:

– CSR starts in the workplace. This can mean cutting down on paper wastage, using energy saving bulbs and even recycling.
– Making sure that you do your research before donating your money, time and effort. A business must be able to see exactly where contributions are being invested and who it is benefitting.
– There are also many benefits to a well-thought out CSR investment including increased customer retention, new clients, low carbon-footprint, increased brand awareness and reputation, sense of achievement in the workplace, staff involvement and most importantly increased sales and profit.

We received some great feedback! We have also been asked by a well-known organisation in Leeds to advise them on their own CSR strategy.

So, what else did we learn?

This was a week of great seminars on crucial subjects vital to the growth of ABS.

The overall message from the talks was for each business individual to “Be the human you are”. People invest in people not robots, despite what South Korea might say! All businesses have something unique but can only produce the wonderful if they share it and shout about it. People invest in people but people want to do business with the wonderful.

Nigel Cliffe gave an interesting talk on ‘Driving Sales Through LinkedIn’. He described connecting with people on LinkedIn as “grabbing a virtual coffee”. You never know what your connections might be able to do for you. ABS LinkedIn activity is very focused on shouting about the wonderful and that’s where our unique CSR strategy comes into its own.

Electric’s seminar on ‘Stop Being Anti-Social’ reinforced Nigel Cliffe’s talk by highlighting the need to make online content worthy, relevant, entertaining and a unique story with honesty and integrity.

So, with some key knowledge from the experts it was time to go and tell our story again in the networking environment.

Imagine walking into a very posh, highly lit room where there are huge muscly aliens in suits with guns firing business cards. VIA (Very Important Aliens) swaggering around confidently making connections over tiny cups of courage.

What was the aim? To meet business people, find out what they did and see if ABS could help save them money on printing and ultimately help them increase their ability to be more socially conscious.

ABS went to spread the CSR message to the business folk in Leeds and will continue to do this in our everyday working environment. For any advice and support on CSR in your organisation please contact us on 01422 880008.

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