Primary School Flood Damage Prevention Project

Primary School Flood Damage Prevention ProjectAt the beginning of 2016 we donated £2,000 to a school in India to help with repairs after the community was devastated during the monsoon season. The floods that hit the region between November and December last year killed hundreds and displaced just under 2 million state-wide. Trustee of the foundation John Lees, also founder of ABS UK Ltd, heard of the devastating news and flew out to the region to lend a hand volunteering in the clean-up operation.
East Coast Primary school relies solely on donations to provide education to predominantly Dalit (low caste) children aged 3 to 11 who would not normally have access to education. The building is in poor condition by western standards and up to 110 children are taught in eight extremely small classrooms.
The Foundation has been providing support to the school since 2013 and has previously donated just over £2,000 to help provide books and other school equipment, as well as general maintenance of the school building. 
The most recent donation went towards weather proofing the whole roof with tiles to prevent any further damage to classrooms. John Lees said: “After seeing first-hand the devastating effects of the Boxing Day floods in Calderdale and hearing about the flooding in Tharangambadi we decided to revisit the school and see how we could help.”

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