Toner Recycling

Where it is environmentally and financially viable each cartridge is recycled in full to EU process standards. Any damaged cartridges or products that do not meet the above requirements are dealt with as follows:

  • Packing material card and plastics recycled (3rd party company zero waste to landfill)
  • Residual toner categorised and batch re-cycled (zero waste to landfill)
  • Residual developer categorised and batch re-cycled (zero waste to landfill)
  • Toner and developer non-categorised products are sent to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in waste toner bottles (assumed zero waste to landfill)
  • Silica gel pouch heat treated and dried for re-use (zero waste to landfill)
  • Toner cartridges categorised and batch re-cycled (zero waste to landfill)
  • Packing tapes not re-cycled at this time (commercial landfill)
  • All others commercially non-viable items returned to OEM or their agent for recycling (assumed zero waste to landfill)

We currently collect the following toners for the following machines:

Ricoh MPC300/400, MPC305, MPC2500/3000, MPC2550, MPC2800/3300, MPC3500/4500, MPC4000/5000, MPC2551, MPC3001/3501, MPC4501/5501, SPC811, SPC820/821, SPC420, SPC430 + all modern equivalents (02 & 03 range).

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recyling

ABS UK have now partnered with Tech Recycle who will assist us and subsequently our customers with the recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). This recycling service is now available to all ABS UK customers and includes all forms of IT and office equipment including but not limited to computers, laptops, servers, switches, ancillaries such as mice, keyboard, cables, cabinets, UPS batteries plus office equipment such as photocopiers, faxes and printers.

Tech Recycle Ltd is a National Environment Agency approved Office Electrical Recycling Company specialising in helping organisations keep within the law whilst offering peace of mind that their data and equipment is being recycled in a safe, professional and ethical manner.

Tech Recycle was started by a group of IT professionals to offer the kind of service we would want to use and be able to trust ourselves. They ensure that all personal and company data is destroyed, nothing goes to landfill and where viable, IT and office equipment collected is re-used in the true spirit of the WEEE initiative of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

So how does it work?

If you would like us to recycle any of the toners listed above you can hand them to your engineer or your account manager when we are next in your office.

If you would like us to recycle your WEEE products as defined above please have them ready for collection by our dedicated logistics team.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our CSR coordinator Dave on 01422 880008 or via email on

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